Our disclaimer made indicates that we are licensed to market all "cassette tapes", and/or CD's that are purchased from us by directmail, online or through email to any correctional facility and/or institution when ordered by Inmates or there loved ones; however if you are in a correctional facility that allows CD's, this Disclaimer relates to the ordering of customized album CD's as well as cassette tapes.  Where cassette tapes are indicated, it shall also apply to orders received, processed and shipped that were customized CD's for an Inmate order.

All sales that are transacted with our company,
Music4InmatesByMail.com, Inc. are solely for the exclusive Music4InmatesByMail.com branded Stickers, Artwork or Designs to help promote Inmate personal awareness of new and exciting music for men and women who are not able to purchase music freely. All Royalties are paid to the designated artist at time of purchase or on an annual retorical billing.

Music4InmatesByMail shall be known as "M4IBM.com" throughout this disclaimer.

The Cassette Tapes customized, and/or cassette tapes that are ordered as ("Mixtapes") provided which will be sent or delivered, or accompanied with each approved order or Inmate purchase from M4IBM.com are provided gratuitously to you, courtesy of the respective authorized DJ/Record Label, Artist or Musician, and the website owner of M4IBM.com, strictly and expressly for promotional use only for imprisoned inmates or those interested in our products as advertised who wish to purchase for a loved one who may be incarserated.  All music prepared, created and distributed is owned by the DJ/Record Label Owners and their prospective artists. M4IBM.com does not claim to have produced the music, but we do enhance the music, sound and "Mixes" and restructure playlists as requested when purchasing by an Inmate and/or loved one.  M4IBM.com has designed the distribution of music for Inmates based on the requirements, and directives as administered by all correctional facilities in the United States, as well as all correctional facilities in the State of New York as agreed upon when registering as an approved vendor.  All our products are allowed at correctional facilities as ordered, and we ship directly to the facility at the attention of the Inmate or upon request to the loved ones for the inmate who is incarserated.  FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING for Inmates is extended as a courtesy when the order is being delivered to an Inmate directly.  If an order is received from a loved one, and the order is being shipped to the loved one and not the Inmate, shipping costs are required to process an order.

Upon executing your M4IBM.com purchase from M4IBM.com you agree that you are not purchasing any rights to own copywritten materials by artists or musicians, which is
to the accompanying Mixtapes/Cassette tapes ordered or playlists requested by you; or the rights to reproduce or redistribute any music or Mixtapes, provided to you by M4IBM.com from the items received or ordered.
M4IBM.com does not sell or distribute pirated or unofficial materials of any kind. If you suspect any unauthorized or infringing material on M4IBM.com, and would like to place a request for removal, please email us with your detailed contact information to [email protected] for our Review Board to assist you with your inquiry immediately.  For fastest service to your reply, with your comments and details; please use our Contact Us Form for the fastest reply back to you regarding any additional concerns or questions. 
All intellectual property rights not explicitly granted are reserved by their respective owners.  We are not responsible for damaged cassette tapes once delivered to a correctional facility and their staff, whether mailroom, Officers' and/or Media Administrators or postal carriers may have damaged cassette tapes at the time they were delivered.  However, we will replace any and/or all misordered cassette tapes if received by an Inmate within one (1) business week from the date of delivery.  All damaged or returned orders must be received by M4IBM.com within Seven (7) days from the date of delivery in order to be considered for a replacement order.  All orders must be returned back to M4IBM.com by the correctional facility with their reason(s) for return or non-acceptance.  Returns will not be accepted from Inmates and/or loved ones.  Any returned orders received from Inmates and/or loved ones without priori knowledge from a correctional facility, all returns will be sent to the loved one and/or the individual purchaser on our Invoices and/or Order Forms received for an order.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

We are NOT responsible for the refusal of mailed in orders to a correctional facility once a customized order has been placed correctly as requested, and delivered to an Inmate.  If you order and the order is filled, we are not to be held accountable if the correctional facility chooses to refuse the order for whatever reasons.  If our package/order is returned UNOPENED with a reason for return that we can justify and correct, we will make the correction and reship the order at the purchaser's expense.  If we are not able to correct the issue indicated to us by a correctional facility within One (1) week from the date the original package/order was delivered to an Inmate; we will consider a refund request when our minimum requirements for a refund has been met.  See our Terms & Conditions for more information.

If an Inmate is in the "hole", the "SHUE", the "Box", HAS LOSS HIS/HER PRIVILEGES or is being transferred to another correctional facility for whatever reason; the correctional facility may or may not refuse an order or package if the Inmate is not currently at the facility, or not in good standing with their present privileges (whether current or lost thereof).  WHEN YOU ARE ORDERING, PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT THE INMATE IS ABLE TO RECEIVE PACKAGES FROM APPROVED VENDORS.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL AND REFUNDS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED, CONSIDERED OR NEGOTIATED ONCE AN ORDER HAS BEEN SHIPPED AND AN INMATE DOES NOT HAVE ACTIVE PRIVILEGES TO RECEIVE ORDERS.

If an order comes in to us from a correctional facility Inmate or loved one for an Inmate; that we are not a registered and approved vendor for, we will execute the correct forms and vendor request documents to ensure that we are added to the correctional facilities APPROVED VENDORS LIST so that your order can be processed and accepted by the correctional facility for the Inmate you are ordering for

M4IBM.com believes in producing the best music available online for incarserated men and women, and we will continue to strive to meet our customers expectations and more! We work very hard to offer our services and we want each order you make from our website to be one that brings you back again and again! We appreciate your visit to our website, and we Thank you in advance for your continual support of our services; and for "believing in the work that we do!"

M4IBM.com may change this Disclaimer Notice in its sole discretion at any time. Please refer back to this Disclaimer Notice for updates from time to time. *All handling or administrative processing fees paid to M4IBM.com are for inmate promotional services, free priority shipping, handling, labor, our equipment use and maintenance of the M4IBM.com websites and to provide confidence and continual music awareness to incarserated men and women with a fast order turnaround time.  Your purchase from this website confirms your acceptance of our Disclaimer, and your usage agreement to not resale our products when received or delivered.  We strive to heighten awareness of Mixtapes as a principal marketing resource in the music industry, and to help those who are not in a position to stay up-to-date on music on a regular basis or at their leisure. When you purchase from our website by directmail, email or fax; we will assume that you have read this disclaimer notice and that you accept it whether you actually took the time to read it or not.  Once you purchase, we will assume that our disclaimer has been reviewed, agreed upon and read by you.

You understand that at the time of purchase that all sales are final and there are no refunds allowed once a cassette tape order has been shipped and delivered to an inmate and/or to a loved one ordering on behalf of an inmate.   If an inmate order is purchased by a loved one on behalf of the inmate who is incarserated; all sales remain final and refunds will not be extended. However, we will replace any damaged cassette tapes ordered as long as the damage was due to our misrecording of music or if a cassette tape received was empty or blank on one side for any reason when delivered.

When ordering from our websites, we will assume that you have read our Terms and Conditions.  If you are not aware of our Terms and Conditions, click above where indicated and then download all pages and read them for your own personal use and knowledge in placing an order with our websites.  Once you initiate an order with us, we will assume that you have read over and agreed to our Terms and Conditions as they are written.

As of December 1, 2013 we will no longer deliver orders to the following correctional facilities:

    MALONE, NY 12953

    OGDENSBURG, NY  13669-2288

    1110 TIBBITS DRIVE, P.O. BOX 158
    OGDENSBURG, NY  13669-0158

As of August 1, 2015 we have moved our recording studios and will accept new customer orders by priority or express mail to the following addresses:

Music4InmatesByMail, Inc.
Attn: Inmate Orders Direct - Studio
P.O. Box 1613
Central Islip, NY  11722

Music4InmatesByMail, Inc.
Attn: Inmate Orders Direct - Studio
110 E. Suffolk Ave., Unit # 1613
Central Islip, NY  11722-6067

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If you require additional information regarding orders that may have been mailed to our old addresses, Click Here.
We are committed to providing visitors to our website, loved ones who order for inmates; and Inmates all over the world with the best possible music and media services available.  We appreciate this opportunity to offer our services and remain committed to bringing more and more music to Inmates all over the world!

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