Do you have CD's with Inmates favorite music on them and you would like for us to convert your CD's to Cassettes?

No problem, just send us your CD's by Priority or Express Mail delivery in a bubbled envelope to our Production Studio on our Order Form. Download our Custom Conversion Order Form, add the applicable New York State Tax (if a New York State Resident); as required and return your CD's with your payment.  We will process your order for $85.00 for three (3) original CD's/CDR's to be converted and the 4th one is $45.00 plus $6.00 handling fee (for each CD/CDR that we convert) for  your order.  We will create as many cassette tapes as possible from your CD's or CDR's sent in to us.  Your original CD's will be returned with your order to your loved ones and the order will ship directly to Inmate.

PLEASE NOTE:  Most CD's/CDR's will hold up to 14-25 tracks and allow recording up to a maximum of 80:00 minutes per CDR. We record on 90:00 minute cassette tapes (45 minutes each side); so if you are sending 1 CDR at 80:00 minutes you will be short (5-10 minutes of recording time) depending on how long your recorded tracks are on your CDR's. (We encourage sending 2 CDR's per One (1) Cassette Tape ordered and we will revise the recording time to fit the order so there is no blank space at the end of your cassette tapes for the Inmate.)

If you want for us to return your CD's after conversion; please add the CD's return shipping costs as indicated on our Order Form.  If sending CDR's, we do not return them. All CDR's will be destroyed once our production studio creates your customized playlists. 


Do you want CD's instead of cassette tapes for  your order? There's three (3) ways you can order:

1.  Download our Mixed Tape Cassette Order Formlocate the Item # for the mixed cassette tape(s) you would like to be converted to CD's; and write the Item # on our CD Custom Playlist Order Form below; and we will convert our Mixed Tape Cassettes into CD's for you for an Inmate. Each custom made CD is $50.00 + $6.00 handling/packaging + 8.9% New York State Sales Tax (if you are a New York Resident or if the Inmate is currently located in a correctional facility in the State of New York).  If the Inmate is not located in New York, you do not have to pay the sales tax.

PLEASE NOTE:  We recommend ordering a minimum of two (2) Cassette Tapes to ensure that the maximum recording limits will be met on your Custom CD order and you are not losing your tracks during the conversion process. Most CDR's will hold up to 14-25 tracks and will normally allow up to 72:50 Minutes maximum of recording time per CDR.  Sending a second CDR will allow you to receive the maximum recording time of 90:00 minutes per cassette tape ordered due to our offering 90:00 minute correctional facility cassette tapes.2.  Create your own Customized CD Music Playlist: Just think of 15 of your favorite songs you want to have custom made for an Inmate (add 5 extra songs as a backup on the reverse side of the Order Form due to track recording space availability at the end of your CD request); and download our Customized CD Playlist Order Form below and return it with your payment:

3.  Email us the music playlist that you want, including the name of the Artist, Singer, Group, or Band and the name of the songs up to a total of 15 with 5 extra's as a backup.  Your total would be $50.00 for each CD we are custom converting + $6.00 handling/packaging + 8.9% New York State Sales Tax if ordering online or 9.5% New York State Sales Tax if ordering through directmail plus $15.00 priority shipping if we are shipping the order to you directly.  If we are shipping to the Inmate directly, PRIORITY SHIPPING IS ALWAYS FREE!

If sending by Paypal as noted below, please add 15% Paypal payment transfer fee to your total amount due to avoid a delay in processing of your order when received.

Send your Paypal payment to the email address below and email us your Paypal Transaction # for our records:

Once we receive your email confirming your Paypal Transaction #, we will immediately begin the production of your custom CD request.  Your order will ship within two (2) business days or less from the date we confirm your payment and order. If we do not receive your Paypal Transaction # by email, your order will be processed in the order in which it has been received.

* The email address provided above is not an incoming email address regarding orders on this website. This email address is for payment processing only through Paypal.  We do not accept email at this email address for this website. If you have questions regarding your order, please email us directly. 

All orders should be sent to us by Priority or Express Mail to one of the addresses below:  

Music4InmatesByMail, Inc.
Attn: Inmate Orders Direct - Studio
P.O. Box 1613
Central Islip, NY  11722


Music4InmatesByMail, Inc.
Attn: Inmate Orders Direct - Studio
110 E. Suffolk Ave., Unit # 1613
Central Islip, NY  11722-6067

    Thank you for your visits, for ordering with us; and for
                  "believing in the work that we do!" ...

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