We are a 30+ year old company that believes in providing services that helps inmates.  We make customized 90:00 Minute Cassette Tapes for Inmates (Male & Female) and 80:00 Minute CD's; and ship by Priority Mail to all States in the USA, and directly to the Inmate or to the family member for the Inmate.  

We use clear Cassette Tapes WITHOUT SCREWS which are made specifically for correctional facilities and prisons, and prepare each tape with authentic music albums requested by a loved one or an Inmate; and we strive to make sure that you receive complete music on Side A and Side B with high sound quality and clarity.  We record to the ends on Side A and Side B without fading and there's 2 extra minutes of FREE music included on all orders if your requests do not meet 90:00 minutes of recording time. We custom-make each Inmate order per request.  WE DO NOT USE RADIO MUSIC! WE USE OUR OWN AUTHENTIC ALBUMS!

We also customize CD's as well if your correctional facility allows CD's instead of Cassette Tapes. To create your own customized playlist for a CD order, Click Here and download the Order Form and return it for immediate processing.  We only accept priority mailed in orders.  For detailed step by step instructions on how to send in your orders, Click Here.

We are registered with the NY State Department of Corrections and are on the approved vendors list. 
If your current facility is not one of our Merchants, we will submit our samples by directmail for us to become a new Vendor once we receive an actual order from an Inmate at your correctional facility. For the most part we are already registered with most all the correctional facilities in the United States, and are on the Approved Vendor List.

As of January 2011, we are registered with all correctional facilities in the USA and we are on the Federal Penitentiaries Approved Vendor List.

Follow us on Facebook and get a courtesy cassette tape of your choice from our "Buy Music" Page once we verify that you are following us. Once you are following us, send us an email so we can confirm it.  (Please allow 3-5 business days for your courtesy cassette tape to arrive once we verify you on Facebook.)

Follow us on Twitter and make your first purchase and receive a FREE Gift Certificate for an Inmate up to $50.00 once you place your first order with us of $100.00 or more.

If you are ready to place an Order, or to find out how to send us your customized playlist requests, original CD's or CDR's for conversion Click Here.

As of August 1, 2014 we have relocated our studio. All orders are to be sent to the following addresses for immediate processing:

Priority Mail Orders:
Music4InmatesByMail, Inc.
Attn: Inmate Orders Direct
P.O. Box 1613
Central Islip, NY  11722

Express Overnight Orders:
Music4InmatesByMail, Inc. - Attn: Studio
Inmate Orders Direct
373 Nesconset Highway/Smithtown Bypass
Bldg. # 319
Hauppauge, NY  11788-2516

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